Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rumble Pictures

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Rumble Pictures is an emerging award winning youth film production house based in South West Sydney, Australia. Rumble Pictures seeks in delivering artistic expression from all forms of genres and media such as short films, graphic design, web design, photography, documentaries, music vids etc.

Aspiring to be always inspired, the team at Rumble reach to exemplify in their productions, style, substance, innovation and community integration.

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19/06/09 Natalie Tran and John Woo

Natalie Tran John Woo
Natalie Tran and John Woo

Rumble members recently had a chance to meet up with John Woo ( Director of many Hong Kong Action Flicks) and Natalie Tran ( A Vlogger and Australians most subscribed youtube channel).

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