Saturday, June 4, 2011

Canley Vale HS

Canley Vale High School is a New South Wales Government co-educational high school located in south-west Sydney, in the suburb of Canley Vale, NSW, Australia. It was established in 1965, on which was once an area of orchards and currently provides for over 1200 students.

The school caters for International students mainly from countries like China and Vietnam. 95% of the school's student population comes from a non-English Speaking background, which include predominately Cambodian, Chinese and Vietnamese backgrounds.

On 11th March 2010, there was a bomb threat.

Canley Vale High School is also regarded as one of the best academically non-selective co-educational public high schools in the Liverpool-Fairfield area, consistently ranking in the top schools in NSW in terms of its HSC results, with many students achieving in the top bands for various subjects.

Canley Vale HS has four houses Parkes, Bonham, Horsely and Lennox. All of them are named after landmarks. Parkes was named after Parkes Reserve, which has been apparently renamed by the ALP local council as Parks Reserve so as to hide the fact that it is named after the Father of Federation Henry Parkes. Horsely is named after Horsely drive which was named after a nineteenth century policeman. Lennox was named after Lennox Bridge which was built by convict gangs in the nineteenth century under the supervision of Lennox. Less obviously, Bonham house was named after a local councillor who was the mover behind getting the school built, giving half of his land to a section of Parkes Reserve in '65.

Notable Former Alumni

Jason Clare graduated from CVHS in 1989, achieving dux. He has gone on to represent the seat of Blaxland for the Australian Labor Party in the Federal Australian Parliament. Jason was the Education Secretary who managed the BER (Building Education Revolution) fund and later went on to become military procurement secretary who was responsible for soldiers acquiring more modern, less defensive armour.

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