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Maria Tran, Local Artist

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Date of Birth
30 January 1985, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

5' 3" (1.60 m)

Mini Biography

Asian-Australian actress, Maria Tran, was born in 1985 in Brisbane, Australia. Her acting career started when she found an ad seeking a female martial artist-actress. Maria then got the role for the girl in the brother/sister duo in "Maximum Choppage: Round Two" (2008). After all the filming for her first film was out of the way, Maria directed a short film "Happy Dent" (2007), which won two awards. Soon after Maria got involved in the film production company, Rumble Pictures. Maria got a role in the ABC television series "Downtown Rumble" (2008). She became an MC and the co-founder of Vietlish Entertainment. Maria said she enjoyed the experience of acting and is looking forward to some more projects, possibly more geared towards Hollywood ones.

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Favourite actress is Angelina Jolie.

Where Are They Now

(June 2008) Filming ABC television series Downtown Rumble.

(April 2007) Filming Maximum Choppage: Round Two.

(July 2009) Filming ABC television series "My Place".

(August 2009) Training for international play Shanghai Lady Killers.

(November 2009) Working with Marie Setiawan and Steve Ada on the development of "Rumble High"

(April 2010) Working on the development of Quest For Jackie Chan (2011)

(September 2010) On the Quest for Jackie Chan tour around Australia.

(December 2010) Working with director Antony Szeto in Hong Kong.


Vietlish - The Multicultural Generation - is what Vietnamesey clowns Joseph Hieu Dinh and Maria Tran were bombarding festival goers. So are you here? Please email us at if you are part of this clip!

With all the festivity of Spring in Sydney, team Vietlish Joseph Hieu Dinh (JH) and Maria Emtee Tran (MT) have been invited to take part of one of the biggest festivals in Western Sydney: 2009 Cabramatta Moon Festival.

This is when they will launch internationally their most recent episode: The Folklore of Mr. Cuoi & Ms. Hang Nga. Cabramatta was used as backdrop to the modernised version of this ancient folklore.
Check out: Behind the Scenes photos

Joseph Dinh is Cuoi, a poor farmer husband who had his cries of help answered by an Asian fairy god-mother, who grants him a magical tree that has magical powers to heal and cure, thereby creating wealth.
Excited, he rushes home to his wife Hang-Nga (played by Maria Tran) and soon they were living the high life Kings and Queens with their entourage Cabra Men-In-Black.
Of course, good things dont last forever, and pretty soon they lose the tree because silly Hang-Nga dropped it into the toilet (originally the tree cannot stand dirty water). It began to uproot itself and travels to the sky. In an attempt to hold it back, Cuoi is pulled up with it all the way to the moon.
Joseph said: Moon Festival is going to be a big day for us, as were going to be roaming around, doing live vox-pop interviews, and coordinating competitions. Im very excited because Im also going to be MC host of entertainment based at the Channel 9 stage.

Maria said: We encourage everyone to be on a look-out for us, as there will be plenty of surprises from our crew.
Their whereabouts will be updated hourly on their official website. Vietlish is also supporting the screening of Rumble Pictures Maximum Choppage: Round II which will be screened outdoors for the first time.
Event: 2009 Cabramatta Moon Festival
Time: From 8am-10pm
Date: Sunday 27 September 2009
Location: John Street, Cabramatta


The Kung Fu Ninja TV series


Finally, My home-made edits of the Quest for Jackie Chan Trailer is available for public view.

It has screened at Kinos #36 Film event in Sydney and also at the 2010 Colourfest Film Festival this year. I've had great responses and excitement from people who are Jackie Chan Fans across Australia who also want to know what's in store in August this year.

Here's the story:
Being Asian and living in Australia can be hard if you have dreams of becoming something beyond an doctor, lawyer, solicitor (no that there is anything wrong with that).

I want to break beyond the stereotypes and take a risk, a chance and go on an adventure of a lifetime. To do things I've never dreamt of doing (meeting Jackie Chan).

So from 1-21 August my ultimate goal is to travel non-stop across the major cities of Australia (Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart & Melbourne) delivering free workshops on for young people from culturally diverse backgrounds on how to run their creative projects and transform ideas into realities as well meeting up, collecting Jackie Chan mail and recording video messages to Jackie Chan.

I've decided to leave work and delve in my little piggy bank to get this baby project going.

First stop is Canberra and that will be a roadtrip with 6 young persons from Western Sydney who have martial arts background and together we will be choreographing a comedic fight sequence in dedication to Jackie Chan.

Hopefully, once I finish my trip around Australia, I will be home for a month and edit the video footage in the lead up to mid November, where I will take a risk and fly over to Kong Kong in the hope of personally giving him these messages on behalf of AUSTRALIA.

Ambitious? Yes. Nerve wrecking? Totally. I'm not related to Jackie Chan and he doesn't know who I am (I might look like some crazy Asian from downunder - I hope not) and Jackie Chan is super busy. So that is the dilemma. How does a nobody like me meet Jackie Chan?

Only time will tell.

Please join me on my "Quest".

P.S - Subscribe and leave a message.

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